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Many homeowners have successfully upgraded to a private property here in Singapore with a combined income of $8500, without topping up cash for their monthly instalments.


Here's how!


"Am I really able to upgrade to a private property?" 

Many of my clients with $7k -$8k income have the same worries as you but with detailed financial planning and step-by-step upgrading methods that I have shared with them, have comfortably upgraded to a private property. 

Upgrading to a private property is more than just selling your HDB and buying a condominium. It is about strategic planning and following an investment roadmap designed just for you. 


Upgrading is not just finding the cheapest condo. It's about finding the best VALUE buy unit that suits your needs and lifestyle. It's about finding one located in an area where there is future transformation. It's about upgrading to a private property with higher potential growth.

Performance of Private Properties vs HDB

The overall growth performance for HDB Resale is 16.38% or 1.53% (Line 1) per year.

As for private properties, overall growth is at 45.65% or 3.83% (Line 1) per year.

Source: HDB, URA and Agencies


The HDB median price is $405,000 (as of Q4 2019) and growing at 16.38% over the next 10 years. It will be $471,339 or an estimated $66,339 increase in price. Now, lets take the price of private property to be at $1,000,000 and growing at 45.65% over the next 10 years. That calculates to be an estimated $1,456,500, that makes a profit of $456,500 in the next 10 years!!


There is a difference of $390,161 ($456,500-66,339) in profit in the same time period.

Which property would you choose to grow your wealth with in the next 10 years?

More HDB owners are upgrading to private properties. Why?

The percentage of households moving to Condominiums and Apartments have increased by 5.85% per year since 2005


As seen above, we are seeing a rise in the number of households who own private properties. Statistics have shown an increase of about 5.85% per year since 2005. More and more couples/families are choosing to upgrade to private properties over the years. Why? With more and more households choosing to upgrade over the last few years, what are you missing out on?

HDB upgraders comprises nearly half of private new home sales

% of buyers with hdb address wee propert

5 Condos For Sale You Can Buy With Monthly Income Of $8500

The condominiums and figures listed below are assuming the buyer/ investor is able to take a 30-year loan at an interest rate of 2% per annum. Current interest rates are at 1.6%-1.8% due to the virus outbreak. We have used a higher interest rate in the event of further interest rate hikes. 


Figures below are also assuming that buyers/ investors have no outstanding loans and are able to take a 75% loan. Taxes (stamp duties) and legal fees are not included in the calculation. 

The Florence Residences

Hougang Avenue 2

99 year leasehold

Approximately $913,000 ($1,437.80psf)

TOP: 30 September 2023

Total Units: 1410


D/P with 75% LTV: $228,250

$45,650 in cash for booking fee

$182,600 in cash and/or CPF


75% Loan: $684,750


Estimated monthly instalments: $2,633

(Calculated at 2% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)


This upcoming new launch condo will benefit from its location, situation next to a landed enclave across Hougang Stadium and swimming complex. This means residents will enjoy unblocked views. Located in a well established matured estate, The Florence Residences is only minutes walk to Kovan MRT. Future Cross Island Line will be just around the corner. Majority of units are North-South facing. Units are equipped with smart home features and quality kitchen appliances and fittings.

wee property - treasure at Tampines sing

Treasure At Tampines

1-57 Tampines Lane

99 year leasehold

Approximately $845,000 ($1,427.36psf)

TOP: 31 December 2024

Total Units: 2203


D/P with 75% LTV: $211,250

$42,250 in cash for booking fee

$169,000 in cash and/or CPF


75% Loan: $633,750


Estimated monthly instalments: $2,437

(Calculated at 2% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)


29 blocks of 12-storey condominium development, Treasure @ Tampines will be located at 1-57 Tampines Lane, a newly created slip road within the Tampines Estate by developer Sim Lian Group.  Its strategic location allows residents to enjoy all that the East has to offer. Be within close proximity to shopping, dining, recreation, entertainment, schools and Changi International Airport. Expressways such as PIE, ECP and TPE are just minutes away. 


Grandeur Park Residences

1 Bedok South Avenue 3

99 year leasehold

Approximately $894,000 ($1,628.56psf)

TOP: March 2021

Total Units: 720


D/P with 75% LTV: $223,500

$44,700 in cash for booking fee

$178,800 in cash and/or CPF


75% Loan: $670,500


Estimated monthly instalments: $2,578

(Calculated at 2% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)


Grandeur Park Residences @ Tanah Merah as implied in its name, the design concept of the development revolves around the notion of elegance and splendour in which the entire journey through the development is focused on providing residents the experience of luxury. This development sets itself apart from the rest though its emphasis on the elements of health of body, mind and soul; manifested through the types of facilities incorporated.


The Tapestry

51-63 Tampines Street 86

99 year leasehold

Approximately $844,600 ($1,400.66psf)

TOP: October 2021

Total Units: 861


D/P with 75% LTV: $211,150

$42,230 in cash for booking fee

$168,920 in cash and/or CPF


75% Loan: $633,450


Estimated monthly instalments: $2,436

(Calculated at 2% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)


By reputable developer City Developments Limited. Located in well established matured estate Tampines with majority of units facing North-South orientation with more than 50 exciting facilities such as childcare centre and hydrotherapy pool. The Tapestry offers free shuttle service for residents to Tampines MRT Station for a period of 1 year, commencing 6 months from TOP date.


Enjoy extraordinary construction for your home, with wireless smart home system provision which includes smart home gateway, smart voice assistant, smart digital lockset, smart door sensor, smart lighting control and smart air condition control. Bathroom wares and fittings from Grohe and Duravit. 


Whistler Grand

105-109 West Coast Vale

99 year leasehold

Approximately $910,200 ($1,482.41psf)

TOP: 31 October 2022

Total Units: 716 units + 2 shops


D/P with 75% LTV: $227,550

$45,510 in cash for booking fee

$182,040 in cash and/or CPF


75% Loan: $682,650


Estimated monthly instalments: $2,625

(Calculated at 2% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)


The twin 36-storey blocks soar high above lush landscaping, resort facilities with plenty of water features, and vistas of the nearby reservoir and distant Bukit Timah Hill. The unblocked orientation especially on the sky gardens surrounds residents with the whistling of wind. It's a sensory experience akin to resort town of Whistler, venue of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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