Hear the heartfelt testimonials from our clients and friends

"With advice and guidance from Terry Wee, my wife and I sold our HDB flat back in 2015. That was a tough decision to make. However, we don't regret our decision, as we bought 2 condos after selling, and now we are appreciating the capital gain. Just after more than 2 years."


"We contacted Terry through Facebook, he was super quick in response. We were looking for an agent who knows how to guide us upgrade and invest in property, not just a normal agent. After hearing what we want, Terry knows exactly what's going to happen and where to go. He then shared with us the financial calculations and set aside reserve fund. We were very happy that Terry sold our flat in 1 month and upgrade us to a condo smoothly."


Our Happy Clients


"We are very happy that Terry helped us upgrade from our 4rm HDB flat to a condo. The whole process was smooth with detailed planning and calculation. He shared with us which condos have upside potential. We are glad that we made this decision and our property value have appreciated by more than $300k."

Mr & Mrs Wang

"We bought our Executive flat from HDB, after staying for 5 years we wanted to keep it because it was new and spacious. We were very comfortable but Terry shared with us the importance of Asset Progression. We took his advice and sold our flat, that was not an easy decision to make. However, we are glad that we made that decision because not only our condo value has appreciated more than $300k but our ex-neighbor sold their flat $63k lesser. We are very happy that Terry pushed us out of our comfort zone and helped us throughout this upgrading process stress free."

Hock Seng & Jessica

"Our family size have out grown our flat. So, we planned to upgrade to Executive Apartment. Terry showed us some Executive units but the units were old and need major renovation. Then Terry suggested why not upgrade to Executive Condominium (EC), brand new 4 bedrooms unit. Initially, we were concern about the monthly installments but after Terry showed us the financial calculation, we were comfortable and decided to proceed. Terry also shared with us about the built-in profit of the EC should we decide to sell in 5 years."

Vincent & Jern