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Many couple with a combined income of $7K or more

UPGRADED to private properties without
using their CASH SAVING.

Here's how!

Discover How A Couple With

Monthly Income of $7k Own A Condo

More Couples are upgrading to

Condominiums (see chart below)

As seen above, we are seeing a rise in the number of households who own private properties. Statistics have shown an increased by 5.85% per year since 2005. More and more couples/families are choosing to upgrade to private properties over the years. Why? With more and more households choosing to upgrade over the last few years, what are you missing out on?

"Is It a good time to upgrade

from HDB to private property?" 

Good news! Private Property prices have dropped since 2018 cooling measures, and with current pandemic the Interest Rate has also dropped making the cost of financing cheaper. Some homeowners even saved as much as $1000 on interest when they refinance.  If you are planning to upgrade, or buying your first property, here are some of the private properties for sale that is suitable for couples.

3 Condos For Sale You Can Buy With Monthly Income Of $7000

The condominiums and figures listed below are assuming the couple is able to take a 30-year loan at an interest rate of 1.5% per annum.

Figures below are also assuming that couple have no outstanding loans and are able to take a 75% loan. Taxes (stamp duties) and legal fees are not included in the calculation. 

S$ 846 psf · 68 Elias Road · D18 · 2 beds 2 baths

99 year leasehold

Asking $830,000


68 Elias Road, S519944

Completed in 2012

99 yrs from 2008 (87 yrs left)

S$ 846 psf (built-up)

980 sqft (built-up)

5% Option Money $41,500 in Cash

20% Option Exercise Fee $166,000 Cash / CPF

75% Loan LTV: $622,500

Estimated monthly instalments: $2,178

(Based on Interest Rate 1.6% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)

S$ 899 psf · 83 Flora Drive · D17 · 3 beds 2 baths

Asking $900,000

83 Flora Drive, S506890

Completed in 2015

99 yrs from 2010 (89 yrs left)

S$ 899 psf (built-up) 1,001 sqft (built-up)

5% Option Money $45,000 in Cash

20% Option Exercise Fee $180,000 Cash / CPF

75% Loan LTV: $675,000

Estimated monthly instalments: $2,362

(Based on Interest Rate 1.6% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)

S$ 797 psf · Sengkang East Avenue · D19 · 3 beds 3 baths


Asking $875,888

Sengkang East Avenue, S544810

Completed in 2014

Executive Condominium

99 yrs from 2010 (89 yrs left)

S$ 797 psf (built-up) 1,098 sqft (built-up)

5% Option Money $43,794 in Cash

20% Option Exercise Fee $175,178 Cash / CPF

75% Loan LTV: $656,916

Estimated monthly instalments: $2,299

(Based on Interest Rate 1.6% per annum for 30 year loan tenure)


The numbers seems comfortable for the couple to own the private property. There are more units which fit the price range. However, what is more important is to CHOOSE RIGHT PROPERTY.

Why some owners loss $396,000 but some owners made >$500K Profit bought during the same period?

Discover the 5 benefits through our sharing:

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2. Detailed Resale Calculation Worksheet


3. 8 Steps Analysis to choose the right property for you


4. RAM (Risk Analysis Method) to work out a plan to grow your wealth SAFELY 


5. Real case study showing how our clients did it

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Discover the

5 benefits today!

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