Case Study 1: From 15-years old HDB to 2 Private Condos

This couple wanted to upgrade to bigger unit but they are not sure on what to do.

I managed to sell their unit in 1 month and the selling price was higher then many of their neighbour.

Due to understanding the needs of potential buyers before everyone else- this prompted the seller to quickly take action.

I then helped this family move to a condo within 1km of their son school. We compared different condos of their pros and cons. Finally, they secured an unit below market value.

I also shared with them the important of investing in second property. We viewed a few condos and shortlisted 2 units which within our selection criteria. Finally, they decided on the investment property with good rentability and future transformation.

This family now has a place to stay and an investment property on hand too.


Case Study 2: HDB Executive Apartment to New Launch Condo

When their HDB Executive Apartment reached MOP, Minimum Occupation Period the husband was reluctant to sell. They were very comfortable living there because the flat was big and their children were studying nearby. However, the wife felt that they need to upgrade but do not how to go about.

I shared with them the different stages of the HDB price movement and the important to CASH OUT PROFIT and reinvest in another property to grow the asset.

Today, they are very happy that they made the right move. The PROFIT has grown 4 times.


Case Study 3: 36 years old HDB to Resale Private Condo

They contacted me through my Facebook advertisement. They owned a 36 years old HDB flat which undergoing main upgrading. They were concerned about aging HDB that might have impact on the property value. They were looking for a salesperson who have helped other clients upgrade to condo before that where they found me on Facebook.

During our first meeting, I shared with them the past HDB trend and transactions. They decided to sell their HDB and upgrade to private condo. I managed to sell for them within 1 month.

They are careful about the finances. I helped them worked out the sums using RAM, Risk Assessment Management in both best and worst case scenario. They are able to set aside fund that last them for 3 years even if the wife decided not to work.

They also thought of owning a second property for investment, but I advised them not to go for it at the moment.

As their funds, cash and CPF are main from the flat. So, I have to be very careful to plan for the timeline and cash flow. I managed to plan the schedule nicely from selling the flat to moving into the new condo without moving out to rent another property.

They never thought this was possible until they are willing to explore their options. Now, their dreams come true, living in the place they loved.


Case Study 5: 6 Years old HDB EA To New Launch Condominium

He responded to my Facebook advertisement. He wanted to find out what are his options to grow his asset. They owned a Executive Apartment bought directly from HDB. After staying for 6 years he wanted to upgrade to condo.

During our first meeting, I shared with him the trend and transacted prices of HDB in SengKang area. I also shared with him the need to plan for retirement. He decided to sell his HDB. After he sold his HDB flat, we viewed a few resale condos and new launches. We did a comparison of the shortlisted units.

Finally, we managed to secure a new launch unit with right entry price.


Case Study 4: 5yrs old HDB Upgrade to New Launch Condo

This couple called me through my Facebook ad. Their HDB flat just reached MOP, Minimum Occupation Period. They wanted to upgrade to condo to give their family a better quality living.

I met the husband at a cafe near his work place. He shared with their current situation and their desire to own a private property. After understand their needs and desire, I work out a few options for them.

On the second meeting, I shared with them different options which they can consider. They decided to go ahead with the plan

They saw the opportunity made the first mover advantage and chose a new launch with the Right Entry Price!



Case Study 6: HDB 4Room To New Launch Condominium

They owned a HDB 4room flat and they wanted to upgrade to private condo. They wanted to find out what is procedures and which is the right condo. As there was a gap between the sales proceed and the down payment.

During our first meeting, they shared with me their concerns and their preferences. They want to ensure they can afford to pay the monthly installment as well. 

I did a detailed calculation for them and shared with are the options that match their preference. They select one of the options and we start our upgrading journey. We searched for a few new launch condominium to compare the different.

Managed to secure a new launch unit of their choice.


Case Study 7: HDB 5Room Flat To New Condominium Near MRT

They owned a HDB 5room resale flat and they wanted to upgrade to private condo. They wanted to know how to go about it and find a nearby condo with potential.

During our first meeting, they shared with me their concerns and their preferences. They want to ensure they can afford the monthly installment. 

I worked out a financial calculation for them and they were comfortable with the figures.

After marketing we found a right family to buy their flat. Thereafter, we went for house hunting and we managed to find a new condo unit near MRT. They are heppy with the layout and the price was within their budget.

Every case is unique, you may wish to explore your options. Let us discuss what is best for you.