Case Study 1: Executive Condominium to Landed and Invest in New Launch Condo

They first met me through Facebook. They owned a Executive Condo in Bishan but was wondering why the value did not grow much.

After our first meeting, I shared with them the charts and figures. They decided to sell their EC. I managed to sell for them within 1 week at a record price.

The husband dream to stay in landed but they are afraid of high commitment. I did a detail calculations for them to make sure they are comfortable with the monthly installment. They are very happy they found a landed below market price. They also owned a second property for investment.

They never thought this was possible but because they are willing to explore their options. Now, their dreams come true.


Case Study 2: Condominium to Landed

This couple responded to my Facebook advertisement. They owned a Condo in East Coast but was puzzled that the value did not grow much despite a new MRT station is on the way.

During our first meeting, I shared with them the trend and figures of the property in their area. They decided to sell their condo and upgrade to a landed. I managed to sell for them within 1 month $120k above valuation.

They were careful in their finances. I did a detail calculations for them and they are able own a landed with one name. After the sales of their condo, we went for house hunting for landed. I created a excel spreadsheet to compare all the shortlisted houses. They could identify which is the right house to buy. Now they are very happy they found their dream house with upside potential.

I also helped them to set aside fund for their second property investment.

Every case is unique, you may wish to explore your options. Let us discuss what is best for you.





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