"With advice and guidance from Terry Wee, my wife and I sold our HDB flat back in 2015. That was a tough decision to make. However, we don't regret our decision, as we bought 2 condos after selling, and now we are appreciating the capital gain. Just after more than 2 years."



Featured in Propnex's ICONS magazine

Celebrating 20 Trusted Years



When I first asked for YuZong and Xiaoyun’s consent to share their story for Propnex’s 20th Anniversary celebration, he agreed without hesitation and said that they will be more than glad if they could inspire future home owner/investors. 


It started off with just a casual chat at their HDB flat in Sembawang, sharing with me their dream of owning two properties in Singapore.


Little did they know that their dream would be a reality today. Today they are proud owners of a freehold property for own stay and an investment property generating rental income. 

Like many humble families, they are comfortable with their current situation. To most, upgrading to a condominium (private property) is too stressful, prices are high, worrying that they can’t afford the instalments etc.


So, most wouldn’t check or ask if it was actually possible to upgrade to private property or own 2 properties. Like many other couples, YuZong and Xiaoyun worked hard for their family to save their hard earned income for retirement.


Luckily YuZong and Xiaoyun took the first step, a dream and a hope, to explore the possibilities available to them. I am thankful that they asked me to work out a plan for them to help them fulfill their dreams!










Real Estate in Singapore

The residential market in Singapore has always been kept affordable, unlike major cities around the world. The HDB (Housing Development Board) was started in 1960 to provide affordable housing to Singaporeans. 80% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats.  


Many foreigners invest in properties here in Singapore due to several reasons:

  • Good education system

  • Safe environment with low crime rate

  • Political stability

  • Strong government support in times of crisis

  • Good tracking and security system

  • Affordable properties as compared to other major cities around the world


Some high profile foreign buyers include James Dyson, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Jim Rogers and Eduardo Saverin.


Today, we have HDB, DBSS, Executive Condominiums, Private Condominiums and Landed property. In the past, prices of HDB flats go for $200K, now we see prices of HDB flats go as high as $1mil. The real estate market isn't the same as it was before. Real estate in Singapore is progressing but are you progressing with it? 

Retirement Planning

For most, your property makes up 80%-90% of your net worth. Understanding your current property situation and your next property purchase will allow you to make better informed decisions moving ahead. 


Planning for retirement by way of asset progression allows you to be better prepared in a safe and predictable manner. Through property, you are able to build your wealth and legacy for generations to come. Make your decisions based on facts and figures rather than emotions. 

So, what is Asset Progression?

Asset Progression refers to growing of one's wealth through the process of selling one's property and moving on to purchase 1 or 2 more properties. Think of this process like climbing a ladder, progressing in life. It is a form of upgrading which will allow you to have choices later in your life. In other words, planning for retirement through asset progression will open more options in your later half in life. 


Think of asset progression this way. Would you want to retire with a $500K flat or a $2mil property?


Asset Progression is not new in the market. In fact, many couples have used this process to build a comfortable retirement nest for their family.